Two Minute Training Series: EZ-Path® Fire Rated Pathways

Jul 24, 2018 by Justin Pine

EZ-Path Floor Grids Save Valuable Floor Space.

The EZ-Path Floor Grid is designed to maximize cable loading into a smaller footprint.  This saves valuable floor space in telecommunications rooms.

The EZ-Path Floor Grid was originally designed to solve a need to save floor space on a 51-story tower project in New York City.  The project’s telecommunications team was asked to make the telecommunications rooms smaller to allow for more usable floor space.  Due to the volume of cable required in the risers, individual conduit sleeves would have taken up too much space.  When conduit sleeves are used, they require a minimum space between the sleeves to allow for both access and to meet structural integrity requirements for the floor.  See Figure 1.

Figure 1: Competitive systems require more floor space and must remain accessible to facilitate cable moves, adds, or changes to unseal and reseal firestop and smoke sealing system. See Figure 2 and 3.


Figure 2: Competitive System = More Floor Space


Figure 3: EZ-Path Saves Floor Space



  • EZ-Path Grid can save >50 percent floor space for the same volume of cables
  • Cable moves, adds, and changes do not require any unsealing/resealing in hard to reach places
  • Grids allow for cables to be nested more closely to cable racks or ladders
  • EZ-Path is the best solution for future expansion