Essential Fire-rated Pathway Solutions

The ever changing nature of the low voltage cable pathway represents a unique firestopping challenge. Unlike other building services, structured cabling is regularly updated and expanded to meet the needs of a buildings occupants. Traditional firestopping methods such as cure hard sealants or intumescent sheets create robust seals against the passage of smoke and flame, but also inhibt IT/ICT Professionals from conducting network maintenance and expansion.

Our EZ-Path family of fire-rated and smoke & acoustical pathways are purpose built for the needs of IT/ICT professionals and fire life safety officers. Providing robust seals against the passage of smoke, sound, and flame while also allowing for easy cable moves, adds, and changes. The EZ-Path family of pathway solutions are also Maintenance Free requiring no on-going inspection or upkeep once installed. Whether you are passing cables through walls, floors, or ceilings, in fire-rated or non-fire-rated barriers, there is an EZ-Path.

Demo image of our engineering product
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Demo image of our engineering product

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STI leads the industry in developing innovative fire protection systems that help stop the spread of fire, smoke and hot gases. For over 25 years, our team has worked hand in hand with the construction industry to create simple solutions to complex firestopping problems. Our SpecSeal® and EZ Path® product lines are engineered to deliver powerful performance.

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