Firestop Solutions For

Robust Fire, Smoke, and Sound Protection

Privacy, security, and safety are major priorities for financial institutions. EZ Path® not only protects lives and property, it’s maintenance-free design assures uninterrupted security. When it comes to protecting critical infrastructure, EZ Path is the only logical choice.

Sound leakage between rooms is not just a distraction, but also represents a significant negative impact on staff’s ability to succeed. Acoustic leakage from neighboring compartments pull you away from your work while also increasing stress, inattentiveness, anxiety, and forgetfulness.

Safely Forget About Your Fire Acoustic Seals

EZ-Path Fire-rated and Smoke & Acoustical Pathways are the go-to solution for maintaining fire life safety in the cable pathway. Our maintenance free pathways maintain acoustic seals in addition to fire and smoke, protecting not just your assets but your privacy. EZ-Path Pathways unique sealing mechanism make each pathway maintenance free and allow for remote cable pulling, further minimizing disruption to building occupants.

EZ-Path® Pathways are the only third-party verified maintenance free cable pathway solution that facilities trust to protect staff, assets, and occupant’s privacy while eliminating maintenance burdens that other cable pathway products suffer from. EZ-Path®’s unique maintenance free design eliminates on-going operating expenses of maintaining fire, smoke, and acoustic seals from the day it is installed through the foreseeable lifecycle of the building. Reclaiming budgetary dollars and time that is perpetually in short supply.


The EZ-Path® Family of Cable Pathway Solutions

EZ Path® Fire-Rated Pathways are the only self-sealing fire and smoke devices that are exempt from maintenance requirements. EZ Path® Pathways have no moving parts and require no action to activate the internal sealing mechanism, making them the only rated firestop device that are compliant right out of the box.

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Finance Firestop Applications

Asset Protection

Each EZ Path® Device incorporates a self-sealing mechanism that takes the guess work out of maintaining fire, smoke, and air leakage seals. Unlike other solutions, EZ Path takes care of itself adjusting automatically as cables are added, changed, or removed while maintaining all ratings with cable fills ranging from 0 up to 100% visual fill. Providing a 100% maintenance- free cable pathway without compromising fire, smoke, and air leakage performance.


Noise overheard from neighboring compartments can range from a mild annoyance to a critical leak of proprietary or private information. Don’t compromise acoustical protection by using cable pathways that require on-going maintenance to provide proper acoustical seals. Only EZ Path Pathways are 100% maintenance-free, providing reliable and robust acoustical seals regardless of cable fill or frequency of cable changes.

Increase Efficiency

Traditional methods of achieving fire and smoke seals require the user to remove and re-apply hand packed putties into conduit sleeves from both sides of each wall penetrated whenever cables are added or removed from your cable pathway. EZ Path eliminates this time-consuming process, saving valuable time making you more efficient and allowing you to get more done.  

Protecting Critical Infrastructure

Operation of critical circuits in the event of a fire is paramount to ensure operation when these services are needed most. E Wrap™ Endothermic Wrap is the ideal solution for protecting critical infrastructure such as backup generator fuel lines, fire pumps and signaling circuits.

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EZ-Path High Capacity Brackets

The EZ Path Series 44+ Fire-Rated Pathway is designed for high cable volume conditions through fire-rated walls and floors while eliminating the burden of ongoing maintenance. The Series 44+ incorporates self-sealing intumescent pads that automatically adjust to the installed cable fill without the need for user manipulation.

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EZ-Path The Logical Choice Brochure

EZ Path® saves time, money, and resources byremoving ongoing downstream costs.

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