20 Years of Innovation

EZ Path is engineered to save time, resources, and downstream costs.

ezpath and smokeseal products cable run through ezpath

Simple, self-sealing design.

Nothing to activate. Insert your cables and it’s compliant.

exploded ezpath exploded ezpath

No moving parts.

Easy to install and always ready for moves, adds, and changes.

ezpath cross section view ezpath cross section view

Horizontal runs.

Run cable remotely through multiple barriers.

organized cable runs through barriers organized cable runs through barriers

Vertical runs.

EZ Path’s efficient design maximizes usable floor space.

vertical cable run vertical cable run

Pull cable easily.

Never a need to unscrew or remove sealant. Cables can be added or removed remotely.

pulling cables through ez path pulling cables through ez path


"The EZ-Path Series 22, 33, and 44+ Fire-Rated Pathways do not require regular maintenance when properly installed"...

..."Each device remains maintenance free following installation"...

ul report cover sheet ul report cover sheet See the UL report

Pays for itself.

Now you can easily calculate the incredible savings EZ Path will deliver for the lifecycle of your building.

Try our calculator to see how the number of penetrations, labor costs, inspection costs, re-entry costs, and more — will save you money!

ez path savings calculator on devices ez path savings calculator on iphone See the savings
ez path product lineup ez path 44

The Industry Standard.

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