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The Industry Standard for Fire-rated Cable Pathways

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  • Simple, Self-sealing Design

    Nothing to activate. Insert your cables and it’s compliant

  • No Moving Parts

    Easy to install and always ready for cable moves, add, and changes. Intumescent pads conform to cable loads from 0 to 100% fill

  • Horizontal Runs

    Run cables remotely thought multiple barriers.

  • Vertical Runs

    EZ-Path’s efficient design maximizes usable floor space

  • Pull cable easily

    Never a need to unscrew or unpack putty. Cables can be added or removed manual activation.

How EZPath Helps

EZ-Path’s unique self-sealing Maintenance free design makes it the preferred cable pathway solution for industry leaders and experts.

For Contractors And Maintenance Professionals

Concerns about failing inspections become a thing of the past with the EZ Path system. Just set it and forget it. There is nothing to activate, adjust or tighten to ensure 100% code compliance. The system is easy to visually inspect and is ideal for both new construction and existing conditions.

Healthcare Professionals

Infection control is paramount in healthcare facilities. The EZ Path system minimizes the spread of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) by reducing or eliminating trips above your drop ceiling to unseal, reseal, or adjust equipment of any kind. No other product delivers this critical feature. So don’t risk the potential spread of infection, disrupt patient rooms, or upset the work flow of life safety professionals.

For The Owner

The EZ Path system eliminates downstream labor costs by allowing the use of pull strings inside the EZ Path devices, permitting easy cable MAC work from remote locations—saving you time and money over the life cycle of the building. Your investment is always being protected by the most reliable fire-rated pathway and the only maintenance-free device on the market.

For Architects, Consultants, Specifiers, And Rcdds

The EZ Path system provides you with a complete solution to help protect the legacy of your project. Whether it’s the engineered aesthetics, the robust design, or the ability to "future-proof" your design—only EZ Path can offer unparalleled performance for all your projects.

For The Cable Installer And It / Ict Professional

Recognized as best practice by trade professionals—the EZ Path system protects your network and remains compliant, even through perpetually evolving floor, wall, and ceiling penetrations. Easy to install with nothing to maintain, the EZ Path system allows for continuous cable pulls—keeping your network to running at peak performance.

The Maintenance Free Pathway

EZ Path® Fire-Rated Pathways are the only self-sealing fire and smoke devices that are exempt from maintenance requirements.

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Now you can easily calculate the incredible savings EZ Path will deliver for the lifecycle of your building.

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The Industry Standard for Fire-rated Cable Pathways

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