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A History of Healthcare Excellence

For over 20 years, healthcare facilities around the globe, who strive to ensure life safety, trust EZ Path. Critical protection against fire, smoke, and sound is paramount in all patient facilities, and EZ Path’s tested and certified performance is the unsurpassed solution.

Healthcare Facility’s and Leadership Teams trust EZ-Path® for its robust self-sealing design to minimize the threat of non-compliance and eliminate on-going operating expenses that other pathway products suffer from. Only EZ-Path is third-party verified to be maintenance free for the lifetime of the installation.

Achieving Lifelong Compliance Without Worry

Compliance is king in Healthcare, solutions that meet or exceed the demands of the ever changing Healthcare landscape are paramount to their on-going success and operation. Facilities teams around the globe have come to rely on EZ-Path Cable Pathways to ensure compliance in the cable pathways while simultaneously eliminating the ongoing operational maintenance costs that other pathway products suffer from.

EZ-Path® Pathway’s protect patients and staff in the event of a fire as well as against the hidden hazards of acoustic leakage between compartments. Sound leakage between rooms is not just a HIPAA concern, but also represents a significant negative impact on patient recovery. Acoustic leakage from neighboring compartments is not only annoying, it also increases stress, anxiety, and forgetfulness extending recovery times and negatively impacting patient’s overall experience and staff members quality of life.


What Healthcare Experts are Saying about EZ-Path

Only EZ-Path® helps you avoid citations and costs associated with non-compliance. Other sleeves require constant upkeep, ongoing maintenance, and inspection to ensure compliance.You can never be certain that other sleeves have been activated, plugs and putty have been replaced, or that they have been properly sealed to meet codes.

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Healthcare Firestop Applications


Each EZ Path® Device incorporates a self-sealing mechanism that takes the guess work out of maintaining fire, smoke, and air leakage seals. Unlike other solutions, only EZ Path takes care of itself adjusting automatically as cables are added, changed, or removed while maintaining all ratings with cable fills ranging from 0 up to 100% visual fill making each device maintenance free. 

Unmatched Density

Only EZ Path can truly maximize the capacity of your cable pathway while using a minimum of space. Our high density brackets can fit up to 12 of our Series 44+ Devices into nominal 1-1/2 square feet of space, eliminating the need to individually bundle and waterfall cables as they pass through fire-rated wall and floor assemblies.
The modular grid system replaces traditional firestop sleeve and putty solutions in floor assemblies, minimizing the floor space required to pass cabling vertically in tightly packed telecommunications rooms

Instant Compliance

Overfilled and non-compliant firestop penetrations are a constant challenge for any facilities team. EZ Path® Retrofit Devices and EZ Path® Cable Tray Retrofit Devices make short work of converting non-compliant cable penetrations back into compliance without removing previously installed firestop products or removing cabling. 

Robust Smoke And Acoustic Seals

Protecting patient privacy while safeguarding against air and smoke leakage between rooms is paramount in any healthcare space. EZ Path® Smoke and Acoustical Pathways are a maintenance free self-sealing pathway for non-fire-rated assemblies providing superior smoke and acoustical seals even when installed empty or loaded to 100% with cabling.


There are no off-the-shelf one-size-fits all solutions that can address every penetration configuration possible. The modular nature of EZ Path Fire-rated Pathways allow us to create custom retaining brackets to meet any site conditions. Let our engineering team develop custom mounting hardware for your next project that meets your design’s demands without compromising fire, smoke, acoustic, and air leakage performance.

Digital Tools

Maintaining compliance of fire life safety systems in the Data Center is critical to ensure protection of assets and staff alike in a disaster scenario. Our FS Locator tool allows you to inspect and document the status of all of your passive fire protection systems from your browser or mobile device 

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EZ-Path High Capacity Brackets

The EZ Path Series 44+ Fire-Rated Pathway is designed for high cable volume conditions through fire-rated walls and floors while eliminating the burden of ongoing maintenance.

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EZ-Path The Logical Choice Brochure

EZ Path® saves time, money, and resources byremoving ongoing downstream costs.

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UL Evaluation Report