Firestop Solutions For
Curtain Wall - Factory Fabrication

Solutions for the Factory Setting

Unitized curtain wall construction brings substantial cost and time savings to high-rise construction. STI offers a full range of curtain wall solutions that compliment your existing curtain wall fabrication process further maximizing the benefits of factory fabrication

Fire containment System for Valance Insulated Panel, Non-Backpan Designs.

We are excited to introduce the firestop industry’s first perimeter fire containment system for valance insulated panel, non-backpan designs. This cutting-edge design listing is a cost-effective, “all vision glass solution” that can be installed in the shop or on-site or as a new install method for traditional insulated spandrel areas.


  • Cost-effective All Vision Glass solution that can be installed in the shop or on-site
  • Allows lower section of spandrel area to be insulated for thermal or uninsulated
  • Multiple spandrel types including vision glass, glass, stone, ACM, and MCP panels
  • Designs allowing structural silicone in addition to pressure plate/gasket
  • Anchor shielded from direct flame impingemen
  • Class II or III Movement Capability - +/-5% Vertical Shear
  • Less than 1 CFM L rated
  • Specs call for minimum 3” thick 8 pcf faced or unfaced ROCKWOOL CURTAINROCK 80 insulation
  • 2 Hour Rated
Factory Fabrication

CID Cast-In Firestop Device

Eliminate core-drilling and firestop after the concrete pour with SpecSeal CID Cast-In Firestop Devices. SpecSeal Cast-In Devices are a sleeve, concrete form and firestop rolled into a single device. SpecSeal Cast-In Devices are available in a range of sizes and heights to accommodate penetrant up to 6" Trade Size penetrants and concrete depths of up to 36.

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Design Assist Services

Design Services

Curtain Walls are the most prominent aspect of any building and one of the most challenging elements to work with from a fire resistance perspective.Let our team of Curtain Wall and Facades Firestopping experts assist by reviewing your design and provide appropriate recommendations to ensure performance under fire without compromising on your design aesthetic

Maximum Speed, Minimal Screws

Perimeter fire containment systems are tested according to ASTM E2307, "Standard Test Method for Determining Fire Resistance of Perimeter Fire Barriers Using Intermediate-Scale, Multi-Story Test Apparatus (ISMA)"The Quick Clip™ Perimeter Fire Containment System is designed to accelerate the installation of curtain wall spandrel insulation. The system's unique U-brackets clip onto mullions without screws to support the curtain wall insulation. Self-locking fasteners secure the insulation panels in place.

Forget The Panel Flip

The Quick Clip™ Perimeter Fire Containment System L-brackets increase efficiency in the factory by reducing the number of clips needed per panel compared to existing solutions. The unique design of the Quick Clip L-bracket also eliminates the need to flip panels, allowing for spandrel insulation installation and finish glazing from a single side.

Firestop Window Wall Panels At The Shop

SpecSeal® Window Wall Gasket is a one-of-a-kind solution for sealing the linear gap between closure panel and edge of slab where traditional firestop sprays are not installable. Window Wall Gasket can be attached directly to Window Wall framing on the factory floor, increasing rate of panel installation in the field without having to wait for added firestop prep on-site>

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Perimeter Fire Containement Brochure

Protect your creative visionwith real world firestop solutions.

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STI_BPF120-09 Quick Clip Field Training Sell Sheetpdf

One published design listing covers insulated spandrel panel, valance insulated panel, and zero spandrel/all visionglass designs that can be field or shop installed!

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Quick Clip Factory Installation System (L-Bracket)

SpecSeal Quick Clip Factory Installation System (L-Bracket) is the fastest way to install curtain wall insulation for perimeter fire barrier systems. Simply fasten the L-shaped brackets to the mullion, cut and fit the curtain wall insulation, and then secure the insulation in place with self-locking fasteners

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WWG Window Wall Gasket

SpecSeal Window Wall Gasket is an intumescent rubber gasket embedded with glass fiber mesh designed for edge of slab firestopping in window wall construction. Window Wall Gasket installs between the floor and aluminum framing directly behind the slab closure panel.