Quick Clip Calculator

Quick Clip is the fastest method of installing spandrel insulation in the field of any tested systems!
It reduces or eliminates the use of steel screws into framing members.

Now you can calculate time and labor savings with the Quick Clip Calculator.

System Information

Project Title
Preferred QuickClip style
Vertical mullion count, excluding terminations or corners per floor
Number of termination points
Number of floors
Insulation Thickness
Length of Mullion Covers below the floor in inches
Length of Perimeter Joint per Floor in feet
Assuming you have all materials pre-cut and ready to install, if you are using a method of attachment other than QuickClip™, how many minutes are required to install a panel?
Labor rate per man hour

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The above information is theoretical and is provided for estimation purposes only. Therefore, THE ACCURACY OF THIS INFORMATION CANNOT BE GUARANTEED.