STI Launches Newly Designed Website

We are excited to announce the launch of our newly designed website, After months of hard work from Marketing, Engineering, Product Management, and Software Development departments, we were thrilled to have launched the new website on January 8, 2020. We strived to make the new website easier to navigate, faster, and more user-friendly.

As a leader in the Firestop industry, it is important for us to make information about our products, related industries, and value-added services to be effortlessly found and used for all current and potential customers. The goal of the new website is to provide our visitors a simple way to learn about the Firestop industry, focusing on which products and solutions will fit their needs. Our new and existing users will find navigation is simplified starting with the homepage to understand the purpose of STI along with new products, firestop news, and events. Everything from EZ-Path to Access STI to various resources are now easily found with a click of a button. We will be actively updating the contents of our site with cutting edge products, industry news, and useful services.

The teams will be continuing their efforts in the coming months to update all of our other sites to match the design and functionality of this one. For any questions, feedback, or suggestions, please reach out to us!

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