STI BIM Resources

In today’s world, technology is the forefront to everything we do. The same holds true with construction and how things are being designed. One of the most talked about topics in the construction industry is the use of BIM (Building Information Modeling). With BIM, most people think of 3D modeling and the power of visualizing the design before ever having to construct anything in the field. What makes BIM even more powerful is the database of information behind the 3D visualization that makes it such an important topic of discussion. Everything that is seen in the model has information that is used for reference and coordination with all the different trades needed to get the project completed.

As a leader in technology, STI offers different options for all your BIM needs. Both offerings are readily available and free to use today!

Firestop Clash Management – The FCM (Firestop Clash Management) plugin for Autodesk Revit® uses clash detection to find locations where penetrants meet fire-rated barriers and automatically selects the appropriate firestop systems. It removes the complexity of designing firestop systems and ensures that when it comes time for construction, the systems selected provide the fastest installation and best installed cost.

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