SpeedFlex® TTG Track Top Gasket Proves a Sound Choice for Standard 1 or 2 HR Acoustical Wall Designs

Dec 06, 2016 by STI

Walls built to contain both fire and sound are commonplace in modern building construction. Beyond protection of occupants and property, personal privacy is of ever increasing importance. For this reason, barriers are constructed with features to reduce sound transmission. While construction methods and materials can vary, commonality is their ability to resist passage of sound and this ability is demonstrated by an STC number (Sound Transmission Classification). A higher STC number represents a greater resistance to sound. Previous testing had been conducted in high STC rated walls. To further demonstrate performance, STI has conducted testing with SpeedFlex® Track Top Gasket (TTG) in standard 1 and 2 Hour acoustical wall designs.

The SpeedFlex® Track Top Gasket (TTG) is an easy to install, no caulking required, out of the box firestop solution that also provides excellent acoustical performance in standard wall designs.

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