SpeedFlex® Track Top Gasket System Revisions

Sep 07, 2018 by David Vail, P.E., Project Engineer

Regular visitors to the “New & Improved Systems” tab of our webpage, which can be accessed through the “Resources” pulldown menu, have probably noticed some changes to a few head-of-wall joint systems utilizing SpeedFlex® Track Top Gasket (TTG). These revisions are the result of new testing requirements for joint systems contained in the Fifth Edition of ANSI/UL 2079. We have already received feedback from a handful of drywall contractors that reinforces our initial understanding of the changes required within these systems as being of little consequence.

Please be advised the only modification required to pass the new test procedure was to incorporate stud-cavity batt insulation in some of the designs. Of course, since most walls include stud-cavity insulation for other reasons such as enhanced acoustical performance (e.g. STC Ratings), if anything, this clarifies that batt insulations are acceptable for use in the designs. The systems that now incorporate stud-cavity batt insulation are HW-D-0689, HW-D-0695, HW-D-0696, HW-D-0705, HW-D-0747, HW-D-0748 and HW-D-0754.

The revised firestop systems are ready for use and appear within the UL Online Certifications Directory along with the previously mentioned portion of the STI homepage. These seven systems can also be found using our System Search or Submittal Builder. It is worth mentioning that the original, as published TTG Systems are still code-complaint since current building codes, such as the 2015 International Building Code® (IBC), continue to reference the Fourth Edition of ANSI/UL 2079. Please do not hesitate to contact STI Engineering Services for any additional information.