Smoke Block 136 Sealer Redux!

Jul 11, 2018 by James P. Stahl Jr., CFPS, CDT, Vice President & General Manager, Engineering and Emerging Businesses

Based on customer feedback, we are reintroducing our Smoke Block® 136 Sealer, a non-combustible fireblocking caulk.  Some local jurisdictions require the use of non-combustible fireblocking materials in wood frame construction for sealing pipes, cables, vents, and other gaps.  This reformulated version of the caulk is a quality, non-sag formula that adheres to wood and masonry building materials.  It is water-based for easy cleanup.  It meets ASTM E136, the basic test for non-combustibility and does not support flame or smoke.

Building codes prescribe the use of fireblocking materials in non-fire-resistance rated construction in both single and multi-family dwellings.  The codes typically require an approved material, meaning any material deemed suitable by the code official.  However, there are jurisdictions that require non-combustible materials.

Products like Smoke Block® 136 Sealer are formulated from inorganic ingredients to meet the ASTM E136 criteria.  Therefore, they are inherently less flexible and sensitive to moisture compared to other sealants formulated with organic binders.  While they should never be used as a firestop, they do fill a need in the market.

Smoke Block® 136 Sealer is equivalent to 3M FB136, Rectorseal RS136 Fire Block/Smoke Seal Caulk, Boss 136 Fire Block/Draft Stop Sealant, or DAP High Heat Mortar.