Our Latest Product for Slab-edge Safing conditions; SpecSeal® Safing Spray

Jan 09, 2019 by By James P. Stahl Jr., CFPS, CDT, Vice President & General Manager, Engineering and Emerging Businesses

Safing Spray is a higher solids, elastomeric coating used in perimeter fire barrier systems.  It is the first product of its kind specifically targeted towards curtain wall safing applications.  While our SpecSeal® AS200 Elastomeric Spray has been the benchmark standard for curtain wall perimeter fire barrier systems for many years, we recognized an opportunity to develop a product that had several unique characteristics that made it ideally suited for curtain wall safing conditions.

To begin with, we looked at surface hardness.  Often times, curtain wall perimeter fire barrier systems are installed early in the job sequence before interior walls and partitions are built leaving the coating unenclosed and vulnerable until finishes such as knee-walls or cover plates are applied.  Safing Spray balances flexibility with having a tougher surface to resist damage from construction debris.  The coating is still quite flexible to accommodate typical curtain wall movement.  To put this in perspective, traditional firestop coatings, including AS200, have the approximate hardness of a pencil eraser, whereas our new Safing Spray is more akin to a high-performance vehicle tire.

Safing Spray is also designed to bridge gaps and irregularities in mineral wool safing insulation and work around curtain wall mounting anchors.  Once dry, it is totally resistant to water and will not re-emulsify.  It is also formulated to allow easy application to vertical surfaces without sagging, making it perfect for slab edge transitions to vertical columns or shear walls.  It is fully tested to ASTM E2307, and all of our current UL Certified Systems for perimeter fire barriers include Safing Spray as an option to AS200 and Fast Tack® Firestop Spray.

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