LEED Credit Calculator

“LEED certification provides independent verification of a building or neighborhood’s green features, allowing for the design, construction, operations and maintenance of resource-efficient, high-performing, healthy, cost-effective buildings.” U.S. Green Building Council

At Specified Technologies Inc, we understand the importance of the Green initiative and how it will be shaping our future, which is why we developed an online tool called the LEED Credit Calculator. This tool provides everything needed for different LEED credit versions such as v2.2/v3.0 and v4.0/v4.1. The LEED Credit Calculator is available on Access STI.

All LEED requests can be created using the LEED Credit Calculator found at:

The project specific downloadable STI Product LEED Package will contain the following for LEED v3.0, v4.0/v4.1.:

  • CDPH folder containing product CDPH Emission Reports (CDPH: California Dept. of Public Health), Includes TVOC values
  • HPD folder containing product HPD Documents (HPD: Health Product Declaration)
  • General LEED Letter v2.2/v3.0
  • General LEED Letter v4.0/v4.1
  • STI LEED Letter project specific
  • STI project specific Product Data Report (Excel Spreadsheet) STI Product Data Report includes the following

LEED information:

  • TVOC Emissions Range (mg/m3)
  • VOC Content (g/L) (per SCAQMD Rule 1168, EPA Method 24)
  • Recycle Content (%) Post-Consumer
  • Recycle Content (%) Post-Industrial/Pre-Consumer
  • Bio-Based Material (%)
  • Distance from Manufacturer to Project Site(Miles)

Please note: EPD’s (Environmental Product Declaration) and Declare Labels are Not Available