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Welcome to The Burn, Beyond Firestop. I’m your host, John Zalepka. Since this show is focused on life safety, I’m on a mission to find the most interesting people in this space to get their unique perspectives. As the training and development manager at STI, it’s part of my job to help people understand how fire stop fits into life safety, but we want to get beyond that. So our hope is that our audience walks away with an understanding of how our guests and their businesses also contribute to life safety of whatever is being built.

Our show is brought to you by Specified Technologies, also known as STI Firestop. We are a global leader in the industry and developing innovative fire protective systems that help stop the spread of smoke, fire and hot gases.

Our guest today is very knowledgeable about such topics. He helps the fire protection industry progress forward through process improvements, recurring revenue and jurisdictional compliance. So it’s my pleasure to welcome Drew Slocum

Key Takeaways

Drew’s Credentials 

  • On the NFPA 915 committee for remote inspections
  • Executive Director of the New York Fire Sprinkler Contractors Association
  • Six Sigma Black Belt
  • Scratch Golfer
  • Worked at Viking Group & Tyco

Drew’s Journey

  • Industrial Engineer by trade
  • Sales territory manager
  • Business development sales

Recent Projects

  • Helped AFK Engineers come up with a sprinkler design for the tallest residential building in NYC
  • Fire protection scheme for the new Moynihan Train Station (New Penn Station)

Podcast Host

  • Hosts The Fire Protection Podcast
  • Discusses topics around the industry of Fire Alarm, Sprinkler Suppression & other Life Safety areas.

About Drew:

Drew is the Co Founder and VP of Business Development at Inspect Point, managing the sales / business development team at a fast growing fire protection inspection software company while actively pursuing development opportunities with fire protection professionals, contractors & manufacturers. Improving the fire protection industry through a software platform that reports required data and assists companies in the inspection, testing, maintenance and service realm. He is the Executive Director for the NY Fire Sprinkler Contractor Association and manages a group of contractors, suppliers and fire authorities.

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