Global Fire Protection Group, Patrick Tesché

Welcome to The Burn, Beyond Fire Stop. Our show is dedicated to life safety and code compliance in the built environment, which puts me on a mission to find the most interesting people in this space to get their unique perspective. Our hope is that our listening audience walks away with an understanding of how our guests and their businesses and organizations contribute to the promotion of life safety of whatever is being built. Our show is brought to you by Specified Technologies, Inc. Also known as STI Fire Stop. And since 1990 STI has been a leading global provider of innovative fire protective solutions that help stop the spread of fire, smoke and hot gases.

Our guest today is extremely familiar with such topics. Pat Tesche is the president of Global Fire Protection Group, which provides fire and life safety, engineering, consulting, and design services to customers throughout the world.

Pat is highly respected in the industry with over 30 years of experience in passive fire protection, and is well-recognized in the codes and standards world, you can often find him doing third-party inspection system audits or giving Fire stop training somewhere in the world.

Key Takeaways

  • Volunteer Work 
    • Passion comes from his father, who volunteered with children during Pat’s childhood
    • Currently Pat is on the board of Bert Bell Football Organization in the Philadelphia area
    • Volunteered to give IFC inspector training for the NYC Transit Authority
  • Passion for Fire Stop 
    • Went from being on the contractor side to going into inspection and consulting.
    • Noticed a lack of training when it came to third party inspections.
    • Worked with the FCIA, the IFC and other organizations to get the training out there.
  • IFC Inspector committees and groups 
    • A-1 committee chair.
    • Developed by third party inspector experts in the manufacturing group.
    • 8-hour hands on program followed by a test.
    • Fire Stop inspection committee
    • Putting together a wood-frame group.
  • Bringing Awareness to the Construction Industry
    • Explain code and jurisdiction. What to expect when being inspected.
    • ASTM 2174
    • Different Methodologies
    • Witness Tests
    • Destructive Tests, post installation, measuring.
  • Work with ASTM
    • Work with serviceability group
    • Task Group Chair for E3038, assessing the qualifications for fire stop inspectors.
  • Global Fire Protection Group
    • Third Party Inspections make up 10-15 percent of work
    • Full Service Fire Protection Engineering Firm
    • Fire Alarm design, Sprinkler design, code reviews, field consulting, building audits, risk management, etc.
    • Licensed in all of US and most of Canada, worked in 20 different countries the past few years.
  • Services
    • Sprinkler flow testing, recalculation, piping
    • Passive Fire Protection, Engineering judgement reviews
    • Engineering outside alternative means and methods when it falls outside passive fire protection.
  • Pat’s Background
    • A union carpenter
    • Went to Drexel for construction management

About Pat

Patrick Tesché is a code and standards SME in the field of Passive Fire Protection as well as Lean Construction Methodology. Pat is a highly respected project manager, his responsable for leading a team of engineering, consulting, design professional as well as directing field personal conducting site surveys, QA/QC and other required inspections. Maintaining Owner/Architect /Contractor relationships and will keeping project on budget-on time.

One of he’s goals are to bring awareness to the construction community/ building owners and AHJ’s with regards to ASTM E2174/2393 Firestop Inspection Practices (IBC 2012 Code) and IFC 703.1 Maintenance of Fire Rated Construction, NFPA 101. Pat has conducted educational and informational seminars throughout North America and UAE. as a presenter for the International Fire Council: Presenter 2 & 4 hr Seminar, and a guest speaker on the ASTM E 2174/2393 Inspection Process, Design-Engineer and Compliance of Passive Fire Protection.

Pat on LinkedIn

International Fire Stop Council

Global Fire Protection Group

About STI Firestop

Since 1990 Specified Technologies, Inc. (STI) is a global leader in the firestopping industry. The company manufactures a wide array of products and technologies to provide passive fire protection. Headquartered in Somerville, NJ, STI has sales offices all over the globe. STI Marine is a Division of STI that specializes in marine fire protection in the cruise line, offshore oil and gas, and general maritime industry. STI Marine’s product line consists of a full range of products used for penetration seals and cable transits in fire-rated bulkheads and decks, including water-tight firestop sealants, firestop collars for plastic piping, and an innovative cable transit device. All products comply with the IMO FTP Code and are subject to various Type Approvals include MED, DNV GL, Lloyds Register, ABS, USCG, BV, RINA and more…