Firestop Locator…Have you tried it yet?

Aug 28, 2019 by David Samuel, PMP, CSM, Software Development Lead

Firestop Locator launched earlier this year, and the user base continues to expand. It is the tracking program you need to digitally document all the items in your facility or on your jobsite. The map-based app gives you the easiest way to track and report on items such as Penetrations, Construction Joints, Doors, Dampers, and Extinguishers (with more items coming into the system soon). Tracked items will have a history of information including photos, installer information, installed date, UL Systems used, inspections and more!

With any construction project, collaboration is key to success. Firestop Locator puts an emphasis on collaboration by introducing teams to the platform. Teams is a simple way to add as many team members as needed to your project and assigning a role to each member of the team. Once the team is established, Firestop Locator will send notifications about your project to the team to provide the most efficient process to get the job done. Start using Firestop Locator on your project for Free now! To learn more, watch this video: Access STI

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