Firestop Locator

Apr 10, 2019 by David Samuel, PMP, CSM, Software Development Manager

Construction documentation requirements have exploded. Whether reports are necessary to fulfill contract obligations or data is being used internally for quality control and management purposes, tracking and reporting methods are essential. Firestop Locator provides a simple method to document, track and inspect all your firestop items. This new system allows the user to easily upload floor drawings and achieve a fully interactive experience, pinpointing specific firestop locations to streamline the firestop tracking process. This program helps Installers, Contractors, Designers, Architects and Facilities Teams quickly track firestop items such as Penetrations, Construction Joints and other items such as Doors and Dampers.

The user can utilize the system through an app even if offline, in a remote location of the building with weak or no connection. Simply re-connect to the internet and the app updates all of the new content. Location labels can be utilized through pre-printed, QR code labels and pictures can be taken of each item as part of the documentation process. The program also puts an emphasis on creating teams for better coordination. Team members can be added to every project and as new information is being put into the system, team members will be notified within twenty-four hours of any failed inspections. These important features follow the International Building Code, Section 1704.2.4, in addition to ASTM E2174 and E2393, in having team members notified as events happen to minimize overall deficiencies. Firestop Locator also provides a variety of ways to customize reports to create Assessment, Status, and Corrective Action Reports which can be exported in both PDF and Excel® formats.

Documenting using Firestop Locator takes less than a minute. The system can be utilized on many platforms including iOS, Android, Web and with any device such as phone, tablet, or computer.

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