Finding the Appropriate Code Reference is a Snap

The requirements for firestopping are driven by the model building codes. The specific language within the relevant codes informs building owners, design professionals, inspectors, and contractors what steps must be taken to make a building safe for occupants in terms of fire safety. However, there are several important codes and they are hundreds if not thousands of pages long. Is there an easy way to find the right firestopping reference quickly without wading through the entire document?

If you have a question regarding where to find a particular code reference, then STI is here to help. We encourage you to use our handy Building Code Reference Chart, which features a list of important code sections related to firestopping and a brief description of what is outlined within a given section. Information is included here for a number of codes including the International Building Code (IBC), NFPA 101, International Fire Code (IFC), National Building Code of Canada and NFPA 70. Multiple editions of these codes are provided to help you pinpoint the version adopted by your jurisdiction. If you lose track of the link shown above, please check STI’s website where the chart can be found under the “Resources” header within the subcategory of “Building Codes & Approvals”.

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