A Quick Trip to Compliance with Our New Quick Clip® System

Recently, we launched our Quick Clip® Perimeter Fire Containment System. This patented system is comprised of U-shaped steel brackets for support of curtain wall insulation that are secured to the vertical curtain wall mullions without the need to drive screws into the mullions. Self-locking fasteners are used to secure the insulation panels in place. The U-shaped brackets also provide a means to lock a section of “L-shaped” angle iron in place without screw attachment to serve as a backer bar for support of the safing system.

The name of the game with the Quick Clip® system is speed of installation. By eliminating screws, all the installer needs is a mallet to strike the U-shaped bracket and lock it in place. The self-locking fasteners are a fast way to secure the insulation panels in place and are much safer for workers than having to impale insulation on pins, which is an additional benefit. For thicker mullions or those that are steel-reinforced, elimination of screws also means avoiding drilling pilot holes and saving installation dollars.

For corners or non-standard conditions where the U-clip will not work, we do provide a “Z-s haped” clip that is secured with screws. A spiral screw is used to secure mullion insulation. The Quick Clip® Perimeter Fire Containment System is used in conjunction with SpecSeal® Firestop Coatings to provide a UL Certified Perimeter Fire Containment System that meets the exacting criteria of ASTM E2307 as mandated by the building codes.

See UL System No. CW-D-1041 and refer to our product page for more information.

A Quick Clip® System for Factory-Applied Insulation
In addition to the U and Z-brackets, we introduced an “L-shaped” bracket that can be factory installed. This bracket is screw-attached in place but features the same innovative method to secure a steel channel backer bar and self-locking fasteners for the insulation panels. A major feature of the system is allowing the curtain wall units to be assembled in the factory from the inside-out. See UL System No. CWD-1043 and the product page for more information.

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