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Wood Frame

We are the industry leader in developing firestopping systems for wood-framed construction.

Wood Frame

Choose the right sealant

Wood shrinks. Buildings can settle. In some areas of the country, buildings are designed for seismic situations. That is why we formulated WF300 Firestop Caulk. During installation, the product is great for overhead applications and offers adhesion to wood and gypsum. Once dry, it forms a flexible membrane that can accommodate various building movements. Any gaps or voids that may develop due to excessive shrinkage or building settlement can be accommodated under fire exposure conditions

Plastic pipe solutions

Plastic pipe is common in wood-framed buildings. Our WF300 caulk is engineered to be safe for use with most common plastics. Capable of intumescent expansion up to 60x and backed by the most comprehensive package of UL® Certified Systems, we are the perfect choice for your next wood frame project.

Lumber plate designs

Our UL® Certified Systems are diverse enough to cover a wide array of lumber plate designs. Systems we offer are available for a variety of different conditions:

  • Standard 2 x 4, 2 x 6, or staggered stud wall framing
  • Single or double top plate designs
  • Discontinuous top plates bridged with steel nail protection plates
  • Square or round openings in plates
  • Rated or non-rated gypsum board

Membrane penetrations

Membrane penetrations are penetrations of service elements (e.g. pipes or cables) or boxes (e.g. electrical or utility) that penetrate a single membrane of a fire-resistive rated assembly. Membrane penetration systems we offer:

  • Complete membrane tests for metal pipes/conduits, plastic pipes/conduits, cables, and ductwork
  • Electrical outlet box testing for metal or plastic outlet boxes, metal or plastic faceplates, and ganged box configurations with putty pads or box inserts
  • Plastic washing machine outlet boxes
  • Large recessed electrical panels

Acoustical ratings

When it comes to dwelling units, acoustics matter. The IBC even has specific provisions for maintaining STC Ratings in these occupancies. Our products and systems are evaluated for acoustical performance to help maintain acoustical ratings.

Fireblocking / Draftstopping

Fireblocks are required at locations where concealed spaces must be blocked to resist the passage of flames and hot gases.