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Industrial / Utility

Firestopping challenges in the power generation and industrial environment require the performance and expertise that only STI products and people can provide.

Industrial / Utility

Chemical resistance

Chemical resistance is a key consideration in the industrial and utility environment. We can recommend products, such as our SpecSeal® SIL300 Silicone Sealant, that are tested to a variety of different chemical exposures.


Water-tightness can be a great concern. We have W Rating tests, according to ANSI/UL® 1479, to provide the required level of protection on your next industrial or utility project.

Cable tray and large power cables

Cable tray and large power cables are commonplace in industrial and utility environments. From open-ladder to solid-backed to center-hung and even wire basket, we have complete system coverage for common cable tray configurations. Systems have been developed for even complex openings with multiple cable trays. We have a complete line of tested and listed firestopping systems for large cable trays and power cables up to 1000 kcmil, which you can find in the below product list.

Plastic pipe solutions for polymeric process piping

Plastic pipe solutions for polymeric process piping can be important in industrial environments, including chemical processing, laboratories, and acid waste. Our powerful line of intumescent materials includes wrap strips, collars, and sealants. They are tested and certified for use with PP, HDPE, FRPP, PVDF, FRP, PVC, CPVC, and other types of plastic piping—including double containment piping and high-purity water.

Movement for steam lines and high-energy piping

Movement for steam lines and high-energy piping can be a concern. We’ve successfully developed systems and testing that can accommodate such conditions.

Circuit integrity protective wrap systems

Circuit integrity protective wrap systems, tested according to ASTM E1725, are available to provide hourly fire resistance ratings to conduits and cable tray using E-Wrap™ Endothermic Wrap.

Cable tray protection

Cable tray protection should be considered for cable spreading rooms, substations, control rooms, and other high-density cable areas. Our SpecSeal® CS105 Cable Spray can be used to provide an economical and effective way to limit flame propagation in such conditions—view the product sheet below!