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Your Partner in Healthcare

We understand the challenges you face in the healthcare physical environment and we can be your strategic partner in providing cost effective, sustainable solutions.

Your Partner in Healthcare

Why firestopping for hospitals?

Firestopping is crucial for hospitals because of the “defend-in-place” strategy, which is used to protect patients who cannot physically leave a facility in case of an emergency. Occupants who are connected to life-supporting equipment could be in more danger if they are moved, so it is important that your firestop solutions are efficient and can save lives.

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Infectious patient care solutions for healthcare workers

The COVID-19 Pandemic has challenged health care organizations in unprecedented ways. Moving monitoring equipment and IV bags outside of patient rooms conserves personal protective equipment and reduces exposure of clinical staff from patients who are contagious or immunocompromised and conserves PPE. Running IV lines, monitoring leads, and extension cords through the door opening and using the undercut at the bottom of the door has a potential risk of damaging the lines or can be a trip hazard.

The EZ Path® Clinician Patient Access Device is is an excellent solution for passing temporary patient services through corridor walls. The CPAD is fire rated for corridor walls, has a very low air leakage rating, is STC rated to meet corridor wall noise transfer requirements, cleanable with standard health care disinfectants and is maintenance free.Its maintenance free design allows for up to 100% visual fill of cables, tubes, or other patient services while preventing trips and falls and maintaining a positive seal for particulate air and noise transfer.

How we can be your strategic partner

  • Act as consultants to coordinate all aspects of firestop selection throughout the design and construction process
  • Provide support by working on-site with your design team
  • Deliver in-depth training
  • Offer oversight in the field to ensure proper installation of firestop materials

Cable sleeve compliance over time

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Moving, adding, or changing any cables (MACs) when firestopping is commonplace in healthcare. Fortunately, there are firestop products, such as non-hardening putties, designed to work alongside MACs. However, often when putty is removed it may not always be replaced. Additionally, cables may have gradually been added to existing sleeves to the point where firestop materials are displaced, causing an unsafe situation.

Barrier management solutions

The STI Barrier Management Program was created by leading healthcare professionals with diverse backgrounds and a wealth of industry experience. We have invested heavily to assure our SOP is 100% relevant for development of firestop specification documents for all types of healthcare facilities. This specification accompanies every bid document so that contractors understand, well in advance, the standards by which your organization operates and how they will be held accountable for their work.

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