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Fire life safety and acoustic protection are critical background elements of any successful educational intuitions. Providing robust and reliable protection of students and staff alike while creating a peaceful environment free of distractions for students to excel in.

Best value

EZ Path® Device Pathways provided the greatest savings and return on investment of any fire, smoke, and acoustical sealing solution on the market. Once installed, each device in the EZ Path family provides a reliable robust seal that is self-maintaining. Allowing you to focus on the demands of students and staff without compromising on safety or acoustical performance.

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Acoustical protection

Schools can be a noisy place, the creation of a peaceful learning friendly environment is constantly be challenged by the ruckus in the hall and the noise of neighboring classrooms. Maintaining proper acoustical seals is critical to ensure that students and staff have the setting that they both need to be successful on their educational journey. EZ Path Pathways provide the most robust and reliable seal against acoustics compared to any other pathway product on the market. Their unique self-sealing design ensures that they provide consistent protection no matter the circumstances in a 100% maintenance free package.

Increased efficiency

Traditional methods of achieving fire and smoke seals require the user to remove and re-apply hand packed putties into conduit sleeves from both sides of each wall penetrated whenever cables are added or removed from your cable pathway. EZ Path eliminates this time consuming process, saving valuable time making you more efficient and allowing you to get more done.

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Digital tools to help you work better.

In educational institutions, maintaining compliance of fire life safety systems in s is critical to ensure protection of students and staff. Our FS Locator tool takes the guess work out of compliance by allowing you to track the status of your fire life safety systems from a web browser or mobile device.

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