Wood Frame Technology Considerations

What are the typical applications in wood frame construction? In multi-family construction, there are two considerations. Penetrations that occur through fire-rated floor/ceilings or wall assemblies and penetrations in non-fire-resistance rated construction that are required to be fireblocked or draft stopped.

What products does STI have specific to these applications? For all fire-rated penetrations, we have the most versatile wood frame firestop caulk, our WF300 Wood Frame Firestop Caulk. Unlike competitive products, this was optimized for the typical wood frame jobsite. In the wet stage, the product’s viscosity is designed to be conducive to typical applications such as overhead installations in lumber plates or ceiling membranes. It tenaciously adheres to common construction materials. In the dry stage, the product remains flexible over time to allow for typical building movements. Additionally, it is an intumescent product, meaning it will expand when heated to produce a dense, insulative char that inhibits spread of fire, smoke, and hot gases. Wood frame projects are often very price conscious, and competitors offer low cost sealants that are non-intumescents. We always advise against the use of non-intumescent products. Real world jobsites do not replicate testing lab conditions. In the real world, wood shrinks, buildings settle, and there can be other factors that induce movement. If gaps develop, a non-intumescent cannot expand to seal those gaps. Intumescent sealants such as WF300 are designed to work in this environment. We have designed this product to be sold very competitively with low cost non-intumescent solutions, meaning the owners and contractors have the added benefit of a built-in safety factor without compromising on budget.

For all non-firerated conditions where fireblocking or draftstopping is required, our SmokeBlock® family of products is ideal. The product includes a non-combustible caulk and a fireblocking polyurethane foam. Some jurisdictions require noncombustible caulks, and our SmokeBlock® SB136 Fireblocking Caulk can be used to satisfy these requirements. Fireblocking foams have increased in popularity, and our SmokeBlock® Fireblocking Foam can be used for these applications. Both are priced competitively, and backed by STI’s field and tech support.

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