SpecSeal® Track Top Gasket, Making the Split Decision

Intumescent Gasket products such as SpecSeal® Track Top Gasket (TTG) are a relatively new addition to the suite of firestop products used to address construction joints. Designed to take the place of traditional firestop sealants and sprays, TTG consists of a thin profile intumescent with a Polyethylene backing material on one side. TTG is available in a range of configurations to match the most common track widths (From 2-1/2 in. to 6 in.) and wall configurations (Standard and Shaft wall). Simply place the TTG over your ceiling runner during construction and cut the TTG to match the length of your track.

But not all gypsum board walls are created equally, site conditions and architectural demands necessitate the use of a range of wall framing types and widths. The so called “typical gypsum board wall assembly” can vary greatly from the standard 3-1/2 in. wide track to the 6+ in. wide or offset dual track designs. This selection of track types and configurations create an added planning burden and have made it necessary to purchase an assortment of firestop sealants, sprays, and intumescent gaskets with a variety of transitions between each installation.

At STI Firestop we saw this design and site challenge as an opportunity to further enhance our Track Top Gasket, making it more versatile and applicable to an even larger range of track sizes and wall configurations. In the Track Top Gasket sized for 3-1/2 in. standard stud framing (Cat. No. TTG350F) we’ve added a score line down the center of the intumescent gasket. By incorporating the score line into the gasket you can quickly and easily slice the gasket in half by hand, making the TTG350F suitable for less common track configurations such as 3-5/8 in. widths or dual stud walls. Most importantly, we were able to increase the range of applications you can use the TTG350F material on without compromising F, T, L, or STC Ratings.


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