Find “Special Conditions” with STI’s System Search

For many of those in the firestopping industry for many years, selecting the most appropriate firestop system for a particular application is almost second nature. These seasoned veterans can probably quote the top fifteen or twenty systems for specific applications from memory.

Example for a metallic penetration in STI's System Search

Figure 1 – example for a metallic penetration in STI’s System Search

Their knowledge is developed through repeated exposure to typical applications and experience using various firestop products and installation requirements. This process also used to be a tedious and time-consuming manual process requiring extensive knowledge of system nomenclature to narrow down your options and guide you to the appropriate system. Fifteen or twenty years ago, the welcome packet to someone new to the firestop industry included a manual resembling the yellow pages. Fortunately, at STI, we have developed tools that eliminate the “overwhelming” factor that makes your choice of a firestopping manufacturer the only option.

Sample of the selections to refine your search in STI's System Search

Figure 2 – sample of the selections to refine your search and choose the best application system

The STI System Search is the most comprehensive and user-friendly firestop system search application available today. When searching for a system, you want to understand your options, and you want the “filter” to meet your specific needs. The ability to refine online searches is now a common expectation, and that does not exclude firestopping applications. In true STI fashion, we have provided you with a tool that the most experienced and the newest member of your team can quickly determine the most appropriate and economic system for the application and all at your fingertips.

The following discussion focuses on one of the most valued and possibly underutilized tools on system search. That feature is the “Special Conditions” function. These special conditions are available for penetrations, joints, and curtain wall. As a simple example for a metallic penetration, there are numerous conditions to refine your search, as shown in Figure 1. The ability to narrow your search criteria based on these special conditions will lead to more accurate submittals and eliminate wasted time seeking EJ’s where tested assemblies already exist.

One of the most detailed applications occurs when curtain wall systems are involved. There are so many variables and options with these installations that the ability to refine the search can be invaluable. Figure 2 represents just a tiny sample of the selections to refine your search and choose the best application system.

The ability to search specific parameters and quickly eliminate systems that do not meet those requirements results in an accurate and comprehensive submittal to meet your particular project needs.

Visit to utilize the system search online and download the STI System Search app on your smartphone today to have the most comprehensive and user-friendly information in the industry.


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