New Additions to the EZ-Path® Family

Structured Cabling is a constantly evolving aspect of building design, on a seemingly daily basis new solutions come onto the market that require integration into a building’s physical infrastructure. What we think of as a state of the art today is quickly relegated to the dust bin of history as even newer systems become available. More often than not these newer systems require even greater networking integration than their predecessors, congesting already overpopulated building cabling pathways.

Like cable and connectivity products, Firestop Products also need to continue to evolve and advance to meet today’s demands. The modular nature of our EZPath® Fire-Rated Pathways allows us to create new adaptable and higher density bracketing solutions to match the growth of your physical plant. With that in mind we at STI have developed four new wall bracket styles for the EZ-Path® Series 44+ Fire-Rated Pathways that
complement our existing bracket offering while providing even greater cable densities and pathway design flexability.

The EZ-Path® Series 44+ Multi-Gang Vertical Wall Bracket (Cat. No. EZP544WV) allows for ganging of 1-5 devices vertically up a wall cavity     instead of horizontally across it. This new bracket provides the same density and capacity of cables as our existing EZ-Path® Series 44+ Multi-Gang Wall Bracket (Cat. No. EZP544W) while providing designers additional flexibility in orientation of their cabling pathway without sacrificing Fire-Ratings, Leakage Performance, or cable density.

The EZ-Path® Series 44+ Dual Bank Multi-Gang Wall Bracket (Cat. No. EZP544WD) further expands on the cable capacity and density of our EZ-Path® Series 44+ Multi-Gang Wall Bracket (Cat. No. EZP544W). This bracket allows for up to 10 Series 44+ Devices to be installed, in 2 banks each consisting of up to 5 devices, while still fitting between standard 24 in. OC stud spacing. This increased density of devices provides a
cable loading area of 68% of the wall space used, while competing solutions utilizing a similar amount of wall space only allow for a loading area of 36%. In other words, a single EZP544WD bracket fully populated with devices can accommodate up to 2,100 Cat6 Cables (OD of 0.236”).

The EZ-Path® Series 44+ Six Gang and Twelve Gang Wall Brackets (Cat. No. EZP644W & EZP644WD respectively) provide unmatched cable capacity and density in wall penetrations, accommodating for cable trays of up to 24” wide loaded to 100% fill without issue. These two new brackets were designed for applications such as Data Centers where pathway cable density is paramount (Cat. No. EZP644WD) as well as for in congested ceiling spaces where wider, shorter trays are used over narrower, deep or multiple trays (Cat. No. EZP644W).When fully populated the
EZP644W bracket can accommodate for 1,260 Cat6 Cables (OD of 0.236”) while the EZP644WD bracket can handle up to 2,520 Cat6 Cables (OD of 0.236”).

These four latest additions to the EZ-Path® Fire-Rated Pathway family are a result of customer feedback, graduating from custom parts to become part of our standard EZ-Path® product offering. We expect these new brackets to be available Q1 of 2019. If you have any questions about these new brackets or are interested in a custom solution to address conditions you are encountering please contact me directly.

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