Expanding STI’s MEP Firestop Solutions

There are two types of mechanical, electrical or plumbing (MEP) pipe penetrations when it comes to Firestopping, you have the ideal caulk only metallic pipe with smaller annular space and all the physical access that you need. We call this the ideal because in the real world it just doesn’t happen all that often. The other, and unfortunately far more common, type of MEP penetration are politely described as a mess and can make even the most seasoned contractor question if anything can be done. Restricted access, angled pipes, and exotic plastic are the norm when it comes to firestopping MEP penetrations. As any contractor that deals with firestopping will tell you, there is a difference between what is achievable in the lab and what is doable in the field.

In the controlled environment of the lab, applying a firestop sealant to both sides of a test assembly or installing a collar on the underside of a slab is always achievable. Transition to standing looking up at a 4 in. trade size PVC pipe penetration in a floor, which just happens to be above a large rectangular duct running parallel to a bank of conduits. A collar is the solution but how do you get to the pipe to install the collar? Collars only work when installed on the underside of a floor, but you cannot get to the underside of the floor to install the collar. There is our far more common mess of a pipe penetration that you have been tasked with fixing.

Sealant, Wrap Strip, and Firestop Collars are all excellent solutions that can address a vast range of conditions, but even they have their limits when it comes to limited access situations. With these real-world restrictions in mind, the STI Engineering Team has been hard at work developing a new line of MEP firestopping products that overcome these challenges. This new Intumescent Sleeve solution will give you the ease of installation of a firestop collar, while allowing for installation from a single side. Additionally, unlike firestop collars this new sleeve solution works without the need to mechanically fasten into the floor assembly.

We are excited to expand our line of MEP Firestopping Solutions and make maintaining fire compliance even easier. See the product page here.