E-Wrap Fuel Oil Systems

STI E-Wrap Endothermic Wrap was originally designed for protection of electrical circuits in order to maintain circuit integrity for crucial power and communications systems during the event of a fire. However, the application potential of E-Wrap is much farther reaching and STI continues to blaze a trail, exploring applications where E-Wrap can be used to protect essential service systems and penetrations.

For example, there are code driven requirements per the NYC Mechanical Code Section 1305.9.3 and the 2015 and 2018 IBC Section 403.4.8.2 that address when fuel-line piping requires a fire-resistance rated enclosure. To that end, we recently published two systems with UL, FP-3 and FP-4, under UL Category HNKJ for Fire-Resistant Pipe-Protection Systems to address the protection of single and double containment fuel oil lines that service power generators, along with a new penetration system C-AJ-5437 where these systems penetrate fire-resistance rated barriers. We will continue to explore new and interesting applications with E-Wrap, so do not hesitate to give us a call to see what is next on the horizon.

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