Compliance Through the Barrier Management Program (BMP)

An important criterion for a first-class property environment is the establishment of risk management and loss prevention programs to assure the reliability of fire and life safety systems. One risk management strategy, offered by Specified Technologies Inc., is a program called Barrier Management ProgramSM (BMP). Barrier management entails identifying all types of fire rated assemblies including the types of penetrations, and the activities that cause them to become breached. The goal of the Barrier Management Program is to prepare and mitigate possible issues through detection and suppression of potential future loss from fire. The program does this by setting expectations for all parties involved including vendors, contractors, and facility maintenance personnel to maintain a specific set of Firestop Systems for installation and inspection of assemblies to have a better understanding when situations of non-compliance might arise.

With the newest edition of the BMP, interested parties can work with members of the STI organization to establish the criteria for compliance in their facility. The outcome of the collaboration is the BMP portal, a digital gateway into the information needed to stay compliant through policies, procedures, training, and firestop systems. All members involved in the project can be invited to have access to the BMP where they can view the portal and export any relevant documents needed for their work. Along with BMP, tracking firestop items using Firestop Locator not only provides procedures & policies, but also continuous maintenance of all the barriers in the facility. These systems work hand-in-hand. BMP allows the facility to select a predetermined set of systems; Firestop Locator allows for tracking components as a means of validation. Through collaboration and consistency of information, expectations can be achieved without any compromise.

Contact your STI Representative today for more information regarding the new Barrier Management Program and how it can streamline the process of maintaining your barriers!

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