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May 16, 2019 by David Samuel, CSM, PMP, Software Development Manager

So you signed up for an Access STI account, but are you getting the full benefit? Let’s dive in to look at some of the specific features of the system that make the firestopping process easier. On the off chance that you didn’t sign up for an account yet take a look at this video link to see what you’re missing!

System Search – We are told our Firestop System Search feature is by far the easiest to use, and it is a source of great pride. Enter as little or as much of the application information into the search, and it will quickly return a list of the most relevant systems. Don’t know which system to pick? The search return is ranked by popularity (you can also click to organize it by numerical order, too).

Submittal Builder® – Submittals are a part of construction, and our tool makes this process easier. Select firestop systems and add them to a submittal. Edit the cover sheet with your company details. Add any custom document you like such as training certificates, cover letters, or case studies. Save your submittals for future projects.

Firestop Locator – Construction documentation requirements have exploded. Whether reports are necessary to fulfill contract obligations or data is being used internally for quality control and management purposes, tracking and reporting methods are essential. Firestop Locator provides a method to streamline the firestop tracking process

  • Interactive floor drawings
  • Track penetrations, joints, doors, dampers, barriers,
  • Add team members to any project
  • Daily team notifications for failed inspections
  • Turn-key solution with pre-printed QR labels
  • Generate detailed reports (PDF and Excel®)

Engineering Support Services – Track your engineering requests from initial contact to completion with the largest resource of firestop experts in the industry. Requests can be made for engineering judgements, custom firestop training, technical inquiries & LEED letters, specification review and more. Solutions are delivered quickly, typically within 24 hours.

BIM Objects – STI Firestop offers BIM objects for architects and engineers to import into building models. Developed using Autodesk Revit®, these objects offer a quick and effective method to integrate firestop into your complex building design. Objects include penetrations, construction joints, curtain wall, and smoke and acoustical.

Firestop Clash Management (FCM) – A powerful plugin for AutoDesk Revit®. The FCM (Firestop Clash Management) plugin uses clash detection to find locations where penetrants meet fire-rated barriers and automatically selects the appropriate firestop systems. It removes the complexity of designing firestop systems and ensures that when it comes time for construction, the systems selected provide the fastest installation and best installed cost.

LEED Credit Calculator – With the increase towards environmental safety at an all-time high, LEED certification is playing a major roll towards satisfying the demand. Using the LEED Credit Calculator, users can calculate their credits for LEED certification and generate their credit letters instantly.

Detail Sheet Generator – Submission for building approval often entails specifications on a detail sheet, especially for architects and engineers. The Detail Sheet Generator automates the process of choosing the specific systems needed for your project and inputting them on your title block to create a custom detail sheet.

The Firestop University – Log-in to gain access to our online learning material, product tutorials as well as our newly added FIT Level 1 courses. Access to the FSU will allow you to receive instant notifications for new course information and keeping track of previously taken courses & certificates. Join over 10,000 others and stay up to date with the latest courses offered by STI.

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