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Data Centers

Data Centers are the backbone of the modern world, STI offers a range of solution designed to protect critical infrastructure and assets while minimizing lost time due to maintenance and on going compliance.

Ease of use

Each EZ Path® Device incorporates a self-sealing mechanism that takes the guess work out of maintaining fire, smoke, and air leakage seals. Unlike other solutions, only EZ Path takes care of itself adjusting automatically as cables are added, changed, or removed while maintaining all ratings with cable fills ranging from 0 up to 100% visual fill making each device maintenance free.

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Density and space utilization

Only EZ Path can truly maximize the capacity of your cable pathway while using a minimum of space. Our high density brackets can fit up to 12 of our Series 44+ Devices into nominal 1-1/2 square feet of space, eliminating the need to individually bundle and waterfall cables as they pass through fire-rated wall and floor assemblies.

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Energy and cost savings

The built-in sealing mechanism of each EZ Path forms a robust seal against the passage of fire, smoke, and air. Reducing air flow and minimizing the loss of conditioned air from the server floor into neighboring compartments.

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When it comes to data centers, there are no one-size-fits all solutions. The modular nature of EZ Path allows us to create custom retaining brackets to meet any site conditions. Let our engineering team develop custom mounting hardware for your next project that meets your design’s demands without compromising fire, smoke, and air leakage performance.

Protecting critical infrastructure

Operation of critical circuits in the event of a fire is paramount to ensure operation when these services are needed most. E Wrap™ Endothermic Wrap is the ideal solution for protecting critical infrastructure such as backup generator fuel lines, fire pumps and signaling circuits.

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Digital tools to help you work better.

Maintaining compliance of fire life safety systems in the Data Center is critical to ensure protection of assets and staff alike in a disaster scenario. Our FS Locator tool allows you to inspect and document the status of all of your passive fire protection systems from your browser or mobile device..

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