SOMERVILLE, NJ – Specified Technologies Inc. (STI), a leading firestop, smoke, and sound building products manufacturer, has announced the release of the all-new TTG with Ultra-Sealing Foam.

TTG is an innovative construction material that eliminates the need for firestop sealants or sprays by allowing contractors to firestop as the wall is constructed. Contractors have used the original TTG for over ten years because it works with any ceiling track, is tested for standard and shaft wall construction, allows for 100% compression and extension, and is tested in head-of-wall, wall-to-wall, and bottom-of-wall joints. TTG can be cut to length with scissors or a sharp knife and installed quickly with no waste.

The addition of the sealing foam base allows TTG to conform to rough surfaces like concrete and compresses to offer a tight seal against sound flanking.  In addition, the closed-cell foam is formulated to reduce moisture absorption, a key attribute for bottom-of-wall joint applications.

“We are excited to announce the new TTG, otherwise known as Track Top Gasket. The new version of TTG includes a sealing foam base that improves installations on uneven surfaces. TTG improves both the rate of application and ease of inspection making the decision to use TTG over traditional sealants and spray solutions an easy one,” said Stephen Bennett, Product Manager at STI.

Documentation and specifications for the new TTG are available in the following location: TTG Track Top Gasket | STI Firestop. 

About Specified Technologies:

Specified Technologies promotes life and building safety through the development of innovative fire protection systems and accompanying digital tools that help stop the spread of fire, smoke, and hot gasses. Our SpecSeal® and EZ Path® product lines are engineered for easy installation and deliver powerful performance, often resulting in lower installed costs.  Since firestopping is our only business, we concentrate all our resources on providing the highest quality, fully tested, innovative firestopping solutions.