Firestop Locator: Map Based Locations & Asset Tagging

Location, location, location!

Great success can come from having a good understanding of location. All aspects of construction rely on information based on location to accomplish a project. In facilities such as hospitals and other healthcare settings, location can mean life or death. Specifically on construction sites, location is found on floor plans (or 3D models) where every trade needs to use as their guidelines and coordinate with each other to complete the job.

Firestop Locator was developed around having the entire system centered around floor plans for location information. Before anything can be documented using Firestop Locator, users must input information which includes the Project, Buildings, and Floors. At the floor level, a floor plan is uploaded for each floor to enable users to pinpoint where on the floor plan certain assets are located. Once the floor plan is uploaded, all that is required to start documenting is a single tap on the floor plan, making the process very quick and efficient. Assets that can be documented within Firestop Locator are called Items which include Penetrations, Joints, Doors, Dampers, Extinguishers, and Barriers.

In conjunction to the electronic records, documentation can also be accomplished outside the system through asset tagging. Once the item is documented on the floor plan, an optional QR code can be scanned to associate that record with the tag and location. Pre-printed QR labels can be purchased directly through Firestop Locator or can be custom made for each project. The tag at the location can then be used as quick reference, by scanning the QR code, to pull up all the work data at that location. Firestop Locator is available through iOS, Android, and the Web. Try it for free today!