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Specified Technologies Inc. is an industry leader in developing innovative fire protection systems that help stop the spread of fire, smoke, and hot gases. For 30 years now, our team has worked hand in hand with the construction industry to create simple solutions to complex firestopping problems.



What is the UL Technical Evaluation Developer Program (ULTEDP)?

What is the UL Technical Evaluation Developer Program (UL TEDP) and what are the benefits that it will bring to the industry? The UL TEDP program provides a management system for developing Engineering Judgements (EJs), also known as Technical Evaluations (TEs), issued by firestop manufacturers. The program is administered by UL for the purpose of…


Kettering Medical Center Implements Barrier Management Program to Ensure Fire Barrier Integrity

When Kettering Medical Center needed to ensure compliance with Life Safety Standards, NFPA 101 Life Safety Codes, and NFPA 80, they relied on STI Firestop to help.  In addition to exclusively using STI products, some individuals at the facility needed education about barrier remediation. Read the entire case study below to learn more about how STI Firestop…


Michael Crowley – Coffman Engineers

 Key Takeaways Mike’s Background Over 40 years of Fire Protection Consulting Experience Studied Fire Protection and Safety Engineering at Illinois Institute of Technology Labs were at Underwriters Laboratories Received an MBA from University of Houston Working at Rolf Jensen and Associates and then Jensen Hughes Over 30 years Involved in the code writing process…


Why Failed Firestop Performance Tests Can Be A Good Thing

After 25 years of testing firestop systems, I can safely say that I have learned more about product performance from failed tests than from the tests I passed.   Observing a failure during a fire test is truly the best way to figure out the limitations of a given system. Witnessing a test watching how…


InGRIDable Ingenuity: A Story of the EZ Path® Modular Grid System

We celebrate 20 years of innovation in fire-rated cable pathways with our EZ Path® Fire-Rated Pathway. When we speak of “fire-rated pathways,” it is a term we coined. As telecommunications professionals will tell you, the pathway is defined as the system that carries the cabling from the telecommunications rooms (TRs) throughout the building. We envisioned…


What Color is Your Firestop?

It is safe to say that many within the firestopping industry have at least a bit of a preconceived notion that the default color for firestop is some shade of red. This is since most firestop manufacturers typically market their primary firestop sealant with a red pigment. This color scheme is especially true for intumescent…


Rich Walke – Creative Technology Inc.

 Key Takeaways Rich’s Background Valparaiso University Grad, ,multi-Fraternity member Always wanted to go into engineering Passion started in Junior High School when he modified a bike Originally wanted to be in mechanical engineering, pivoted to civil engineering. Working at UL Had a friend who introduced him to the company. Lab work/office work combo was…



SOMERVILLE, NJ – Ian Ellias joins Specified Technologies Inc., as Vice President of Finance, working from the company’s headquarters in Somerville, New Jersey. He will lead the Finance Team and will join the company’s Executive Team.  Prior to joining Specified Technologies, he worked at Tristrux, a Telecommunications and Electrical Construction company where he served as…

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