Firestop Instructional Training

Designed to educate and train participants in the fundamentals needed to become a resident firestop specialist

Overview of the Program

Firestop is widely recognized as a problematic issue for facilities engineering professionals. It is perhaps the most misapplied and misunderstood segment on Life-Safety in modern construction, especially with the constant changes made for voice and data cabling.

This comprehensive, competency-based course is designed to educate and train participants in the fundamentals needed to become a resident firestop specialist. The goal is to equip the participant with the knowledge and tools needed to return home as an accredited trainer, and to serve as a resident inspector in confirming whether or not firestop installations are code compliant or not.

Who Should Attend?

People who will train, inspect or otherwise supervise the firestop installations of others. These include maintenance and engineering managers, IS managers, CE managers, infectious control managers, life-safety officers, loss reduction specialists and other interested parties.

Firestop products are highly dependent on proper design and installation for success in an actual fire. They are the only code required life-safety item installed by every trade. In response to the growing demand for training, The Firestop Solutions Group, a division of Specified Technologies Inc. has developed a competency-based training program.

FIT™ Level 1 Basic Training

This basic competency course is a 3-4 hour, in-service training and includes an exam. Certificates are issued for those who pass, which expire every two years. This course is excellent for designers, installers, code compliance officers and anyone seeking a basic understanding of firestopping.

  • Competency-Based Program
  • Certificates and Wallet ID Cards For Those Who Pass the Exam
  • Offers Renewable Certification
  • Is Non-Propietary to Specific Brands
  • Teaches the UL System Approach
  • Continuing Education Units (CEUs) Available From: Wisconsin Department of Commerce, Safety & Building Division, Course ID #6780 & American Institute of Architects