Series 44 Firestop Device

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Series 44+ Fire Rated Pathway

Experience the world’s most advanced cable firestopping system

Product Overview

Designed for new or existing cable installations through walls or floors up to 12″ (305 mm) thick. The EZ-Path Series 44+ pathway holds up to 268+ CAT 5E cables. Extensions are available for installation in thicker barriers.


EZ-PATH® Series 44+ Fire Rated Pathway is designed for easy installation in floors and walls. Tested and approved cable capacities range from 0 to 100% visual fill. EZ-PATH® Series 44+ Fire Rated Pathway when installed with available single wall plates is designed for new cable installations. In these installations, the device does not require mechanical attachment to either the wall or the wall framing and must be installed after the wallboard has been installed. Split floor plates and multi-gang wall and floor brackets permit installation around previously installed cables if so desired. These installations require mechanical attachment to the barrier. A list of available accessories along with their intended use is shown on page 2 under available components.

EZ-PATH® Series 44+ Fire Rated Pathway Fire Rated Pathway provides exceptional cable capacity. A single unit installed in a wall exceeds the cable carrying capacity of a 6” (152 mm) sleeve utilizing typical putty firestop systems (35% cable loading). Multiple ganged pathways utilizing available wall bracket kits provide additional capacity or segregation of cables by use, type, installer or vendor as desired.

Multiple or Ganged Pathway Installations Using The Modular Floor Grid System

Using the EZ-Path Modular Floor Grid System, Series 44+ pathways can be grouped for additional cable capacity or cable organization. Pathways in banks of four, form modules that easily install through slots provided in the grid. Grid sizes are available to accommodate one, two, or four modules. All grid sizes may be ordered as complete kits including pathway modules. Multi-slot grids may be purchased with blank Firestop filler panels allowing modules to be purchased and installed at a later date as needed.

EZ-Path® Series 44+ Ordering Information

UPC # Part # Description Case Qty.(Min)
00008 EZD44S Fire-Rated Pathway Device 4
00088 EZDP44S Fire-Rated Pathway Kit – Device with wall plate kit 1
00046 EZDP144FKS Floor Kit – Device with floor plate kit 1
00445 EZDG444S Single Bank Floor Grid – Four (4) Devices with floor frame 1
00049 EZD444MBS Single Bank of Devices – Four (4) Devices with hanger bracket 1
00448 EZP444MB Hanger Bracket for Modular Floor Grid System 1
00449 EZG444CP Floor Grid Splice Plate Kit – includes plate and gasket 1
00846 EZDG844S Multi-slot Frame Kit for 8 Pathways – (Includes eight (8) Series 44+ devices with EZG844) 1
00646 EZDG1644S Multi-slot Frame Kit for 16 Pathways – (Includes sixteen (16) Series 44+ devices with EZG1644) 1
00144 EZP144W Single Wall Plate Kit 1
00544 EZP544W Multi-Gang Wall Plate Kit 1
00834 EZP144F Kick in Kit – Device with split floor plate 1
00443 EZG444 Multi-Slot Frame for Four (4) Pathways 1
00844 EZG844 Multi-Slot Frame for Eight (8) Pathways 1
00644 EZG1644 Multi-Slot Frame for Sixteen (16) Pathways 1
00934 EZRCM44S Radius Control Module – one pair (2) for use with Series 44+ pathway ONLY 1
00069 EZD44ES 6” Extension Module – use with Series 44+ pathway ONLY 1
00446 TRK444 T-Rating Kit 1