Fire Rated Cabling Solutions

No caulk or putty from 1 cable to 5,000. Experience the only ZERO maintenance cabling solution for walls and floors.

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EZ-Path® Performance

Unmatched Fire Protection

Continuously Stopping Fire… Without Continuously Firestopping!

Conventional cable firestopping methods require you to remove firestopping as cables are added. Sooner or later a critical decision point is reached… Is there enough firestopping left to do the job? Worse yet…Was any of the firestopping actually reinstalled?

With the EZ-Path® System, those critical decisions go away. Firestopping is never removed and need never be reinstalled. Protection is immediate and permanent! Always on guard. Always ready to protect your facility.

Protection You Can Count On!

Fast acting intumescent materials react quickly to choke off any potential path for fire.

With no critical installation decisions, no materials to remove or reinstall, EZ-Path® takes the human element away and makes cable protection fail-safe!

Reliable Smoke Sealing

The ONLY Cable Retrofit Solution Providing Truly RELIABLE & PREDICTABLE Smoke Sealing.

When it comes to smoke sealing, conventional cable firestop systems are often inadequate and almost always unpredictable. Round cables in round sleeves simply do not nest tightly. Even with a visually full sleeve up to 50% of the cross-sectional area may be empty providing a pathway for smoke.

EZ-Path’s square shape allows cables to nest more tightly raising loading efficiency to as much as 85%. This means less smoke. And unlike other products, EZ-Path’s published ratings are not dependent on the installation of additional putty or pieces of foam.

Video Series:

The Truth About Fire-Rated Pathways - No ominous music, no sirens; just straight talk from the firestop authority. Click here to watch the 6 part series

Enclosure Integrity for Gaseous Suppression Systems

Is EZ-Path® a more predictable choice for cable penetrations?

When it comes to engineering gaseous suppression systems, traditional sealing methods for cable penetrations such as caulk or putty or devices integrating foam plugs or requiring an action to open or close the device, introduce variables that can make designing effective enclosures a difficult task.

Since EZ-Path® is essentially self-sealing, we have often been asked about how it might perform in this environment. We posed this question to one of the foremost authorities on enclosure integrity testing in North America, Tim Lochner, a professional engineer who designed, developed, and provided instruction on the equipment used to run the pressure tests dictated by the relevant standards.

Follow the link below to find out why Tim feels that EZ-Path’s predictable performance makes it worth considering for these applications.

EZ-Path® Leakage Analysis    |    EZ-Path® Leakage Performance

Gaseous suppression systems rely on the integrity of the enclosure to retain the extinguishing agent in the event of a fire. In such environments, sealing is essential. Enclosure integrity testing dictated by NFPA 2001 helps the designer ensure that the proper amount of agent is dispensed and that it will not be lost prematurely thereby allowing re-ignition of a fire.

EZ-Path® Benefits

Save Time & Money

The Only Truly Automatic Firestop System!

When it comes to traditional firestopping methods, you never stop paying. You pay to put it in and every time you make cable changes, you do it again. The more changes you make, the more it costs you both in time and money… Not to mention disruption!

With the EZ-Path® System, firestopping is a one-time event! No sealant, putty, or foam pads to remove and replace. Nothing to adjust. Nothing to loosen and re-tighten!

Compare Life Cycle Cost

When compared to traditional sleeves sealed with sealant or putty, EZ-Path® will have paid for itself In just three cable changes or less.

The savings will increase with each additional cable change!

Unexcelled Cable Management

Firestopping is No Longer the Problem…It’s the SOLUTION!

EZ-Path® customers benefit from greatly enhanced cable management. The EZ-Path® System allows cable installations to be easily organized by type, use, or trade… Or any other way that you might like to do it.

Pathways installed in walls or floors provide managed portals through which cables can easily be routed. Install just one pathway or gang as required for additional capacity or better cable organization.

How many EZ-Path’s do you need?

EZ-Path® Ordering Information

Series 22 Fire Rated Pathway

UPC # Part # Description Case Qty.(Min)
00022 EZD22 Fire-Rated Pathway Kit 6

Series 33 Fire Rated Pathway

UPC # Part # Description Case Qty.(Min)
00004 EZD33FWS Fire-Rated Pathway Device 6
00034 EZDP33FWS Square Kit – Device with square wall plate kit 1
00035 EZDP133CWK Circular Kit – Device with circular wall plate kit 1
00005 EZD33E Extension Module 1
00533 EZDP33WR Retro-Fit Kit – Device with retro-fit wall mounting plate kit 1
00835 EZDP133FK Kick in Kit – Device with split floor kit 1
00235 EZDP233GK Two-Gang Kit – Two (2) devices with two-gang plate kit 1
00335 EZDP333GK Three-Gang Kit – Three (3) devices with three-gang plate kit 1
00435 EZDP433GK Four-Gang Kit – Four (4) devices with four-gang plate kit 1
00436 EZDP433GK-C Color Coded Four-Gang Kit Four (4) Devices (1-orange, 1-blue, 1-yellow, 1-white) with four-gang plate kit 1
00735 EZDP733GK Seven-Gang Kit – Seven (7) devices with seven-gang plate kit 1
00036 EZDP133CAK Conduit Attachment Kit-Device with conduit attachment plate kit 1
00137 EZP133CW Circular Wall Plate Kit 1
00133 EZP133W Square Wall Plate Kit 1
00233 EZP233W Two-Gang Wall Plate Kit 1
00333 EZP333W Three-Gang Wall Plate Kit 1
00433 EZP433W Four-Gang Wall Plate Kit 1
00733 EZP733W Seven-Gang Wall Plate Kit 1
00135 EZP133PC One Pair (2) Positioning Clamps 1
00833 EZP133K Kick-In Floor Plate Kit – (For use with floor applications) 6
00535 EZP133R Retro-Fit Mounting Plate Kit 1
00138 EZP133CA Conduit Attachment Plate Kit 1
00933 RCM33 One Pair (2) Radius Control Modules 1

Series 44+ Fire Rated Pathway

UPC # Part # Description Case Qty.(Min)
00008 EZD44S Fire-Rated Pathway Device 4
00088 EZDP44S Fire-Rated Pathway Kit – Device with wall plate kit 1
00046 EZDP144FKS Floor Kit – Device with floor plate kit 1
00089 EZDP144RS Split Wall Plate – Device with split wall plate 1
00148 EZP144RS Split Wall Plate – Plate only 1
00445 EZDG444S Single Bank Floor Grid – Four (4) Devices with floor frame 1
00049 EZD444MBS Single Bank of Devices – Four (4) Devices with hanger bracket 1
00448 EZP444MB Hanger Bracket for Modular Floor Grid System 1
00449 EZG444CP Floor Grid Splice Plate Kit – includes plate and gasket 1
00846 EZDG844S Multi-slot Frame Kit for 8 Pathways – (Includes eight (8) Series 44+ devices with EZG844) 1
00646 EZDG1644S Multi-slot Frame Kit for 16 Pathways – (Includes sixteen (16) Series 44+ devices with EZG1644) 1
00144 EZP144W Single Wall Plate Kit 1
00544 EZP544W Multi-Gang Wall Plate Kit 1
00834 EZP144F Kick in Kit – Device with split floor plate 1
00443 EZG444 Multi-Slot Frame for Four (4) Pathways 1
00844 EZG844 Multi-Slot Frame for Eight (8) Pathways 1
00644 EZG1644 Multi-Slot Frame for Sixteen (16) Pathways 1
00934 EZRCM44S Radius Control Module – one pair (2) for use with Series 44+ pathway ONLY 1
00069 EZD44ES 6” Extension Module – use with Series 44+ pathway ONLY 1
00446 TRK444 T-Rating Kit 1